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The Darkest Place in the World

Yeonmi Park

This event is sold out. But if you want to experience the power of storytelling you may be interested in Janet Mock's Writing My Way Into Existence.

This session is chaired by Ben Doherty.

In the Studio.

“The human face of North Korea's oppressed.”
SBS Australia

A North Korean girl's fight for freedom

Born in North Korea, Yeonmi Park grew up in a society devoted to the worship of Dear Leader Kim Jon-il. She regularly came across dead bodies on the street, and people she knew were executed for small offences.

In 2007, Yeonmi and her mother fled North Korea, crossing over a frozen river into China, hiding from authorities, and falling victim to human traffickers. Two years later, they reached the Mongolian border and spent a freezing night in the Gobi Desert, before crawling through barbed wire to seek refuge in South Korea.

She now opposes the regime, and through sharing the story of her escape, is giving the world a window into the lives of North Korea's citizens.

Escaping reality with Yeonmi Park
The first in our series deconstructing the people and the movements that made them as part of Antidote, the Opera House's newest festival of ideas, art & action.

More about Yeonmi Park...

Twenty-three-year-old human rights activist and North Korean defector Yeonmi is fast becoming a leading voice of oppressed people around the world. At the 2014 One Young World Summit in Dublin, she became an international phenomenon, with a passionate and deeply personal speech about the brutality of the North Korean regime. Her address on the horrors of detention camps, political executions, and sex trafficking has been viewed over 80 million times on YouTube.

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