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Real Fake News
The Onion Live

Join the editors and creators of satirical news organisation The Onion, as they share their favourite headlines and reveal just how hard it is to make satire at a time when facts are stranger than fiction.

Chaired by Craig Reucassel.

In the Concert Hall, our largest venue. | View Seat Map

“Reliable antidote to reality for nearly three decades.”
The New Yorker

Razor-sharp satire in a time of topsy-turvy politics

Billing itself as 'America's Finest News Source', The Onion has been critiquing news and systems of power since its print incarnation in 1988. Providing a gleeful attitude towards satirising systems of information and power, The Onion proves a welcome antidote to the media landscape.

Their recent 700 pages of 'leaked' Trump-related documents were the result of four months' work and showed how satire is upping the ante in the face of four years of a Trump administration, all while staying away from low-hanging fruit. Go big, or go home - and never apologise.

Join Marnie Shure (Managing Editor), Katy Yeiser (Video Director), and Dan McGraw (Senior Writer) to hear some new 'headlines', discuss some old favourites, and discover just how hard it is to make satire when fact is stranger than fiction.

Session Partner: University of New South Wales

More about The Onion...

A satirical reflection of today’s digital news sources, The Onion has been one of the most influential voices in American culture for nearly thirty years. Its critique of world events, human behaviour, and journalistic convention have earned it dozens of accolades and spawned the careers of many of the most prominent voices in American humour. 

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