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The Money

An urgent, playful, participatory theatre experience that forces us to confront our best and worst selves. How do you want to spend the money? 

In the Utzon Room.

“The Money could be the greatest reality TV show that hasn't happened yet.”

The Age

An immersive, interactive look at the power of money

A cross between a game and a theatrical performance, The Money is about deciding how to spend a pot of real cash. The premise is simple: sit at a table, spend the money however you want, and be as creative as you like. The only rules are that the decision must be unanimous, and it must be within the law. If these conditions aren't met, the money rolls over to the next session.

There are two ways to participate - as a Silent Witness or a Player. As a Player, you've paid for the privilege. Others watch on as Silent Witnesses, but it is the Players who will decide how to spend the money on the table. Silent Witnesses can buy in at any time and that could change everything.

Working within a strict time limit, The Money can bring out the best and worst in people. How are important civic decisions reached? Can we confront the hard questions about the responsibility of wealth?

The Money is an innovative creative experience, and has played prestigious civic venues around the world including the UK Houses of Parliament, Edinburgh City Chambers, and Lisbon City Hall, to name a few.

A Kaleider production, conceived and directed by Seth Honnor.

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More about Kaleider...

Kaleider is a production studio, based in Exeter, UK, that brings people together to design, promote and produce extraordinary live experiences. 

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