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Blank Placard Dance, replay

Channel the spirit of resistance and take to the streets – holding blank placards. What do you want to protest?

On the Western Broadwalk.

“Anne Collod reactivates this historic performance in complicity with Anna Halprin.”
Le Monde

What do you want to protest?

A white-clad battalion of thirty performers march through the streets of our city carrying blank placards - silent signs held aloft by silent protestors - followed by a small marching band. Intrigued passersby ask what they are protesting against, and marchers turn the question back to them: what do you want to protest?

French choreographer Anne Collod recreates the Blank Placard Dance, imagined in San Francisco in 1967 at the height of the Vietnam War by the legendary American artist Anna Halprin. A wordless and interactive procession, this performance has lost none of its topicality, confirming the relevance of the collective in an era of triumphant individualism.

Created by Anne Collod, after Anna Halprin. Presented in association with ...& alters.

More about Anne Collod...

Anne is a French contemporary dancer and choreographer. In her work she focuses on the topics of reinterpretation of choreographic works and on the utopias of the collective, linking performance, experimental research, and teaching. She received a Bessie Award in 2009 for her reinterpretation of Anna Halprin's major work Parades & Changes (1965).

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