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A festival of ideas, art & action.
Politics. Climate change. Fake news. Money. We’ve spent years talking about the world’s problems. Now we need an Antidote. Prepare yourself for bold ideas. For art, attitude, creativity and culture. It’s time to recharge. Rethink. Take stock, and take action.

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What are the risks of internet success? Join Reni Eddo-Lodge and Celeste Liddle as they share the joys and pitfalls of online activism.
Occupy Wall Street

Micah White - The End of Protest

11am, 3 Sep 2017

Recent years have seen the largest street protests in human history – but do they create real change? The co-founder of Occupy Wall Street explores the future of social action.
Captivating and hilarious

Inua Ellams - An Evening with an Immigrant

5.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

In this imaginative migration narrative, Inua Ellams brings a wild energy to explore national identity and belonging.
Masters of satire

The Onion Live - Real Fake News

7.15pm, Sat 2 Sept 2017

Join the editors and creators of satirical news organisation The Onion, as they share their favourite headlines and reveal just how hard it is to make satire at a time when facts are stranger than fiction.
Lawyers for the environment

James Thornton and Martin Goodman - Justice for the Planet

12.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

Year by year, our planet is getting hotter. Can a not-for-profit environmental law organisation save the world?
Grabbing back since '97

Eve Ensler - 20 Years of The Vagina Monologues

2pm, 3 Sep 2017

Two decades after Eve Ensler's play radicalised how women think about their bodies, the activist and writer is still calling for revolution.
A path to equality

Julie McCrossin - The First Mardi Gras

3.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

Forty years since Sydney's first Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the celebration's activist roots remain urgently relevant. Julie McCrossin reflects on the cultural change that still needs to happen.
Political powerhouse

Tamika D. Mallory - The Women's March on Washington

12.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

The impact of the largest single-day protest in US history is explained by one of the women who made it happen. An unmissable conversation with a powerhouse political organiser.
Challenging trans stereotypes

Janet Mock - Writing Myself Into Existence

5pm, 3 Sep 2017

An essential session about identity and the power of storytelling with writer, trans activist Janet Mock.
Sydney's nightlife

Clare Holland - What We Do After Dark

3pm, 3 Sep 2017

Join FBi Radio Managing Director and local music lover Clare Holland in fighting the culture war that's targeting Sydney's young audiences.
Smashing stereotypes

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh - Muslim Girl

6.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

At just seventeen, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh founded the blog MuslimGirl to give Muslim women a voice. Now twenty-four, she discusses the weight of representing a diverse culture with unapologetic honesty.
Interactive theatre game

The Money

2-3 Sep 2017

An urgent, playful, participatory theatre experience that forces us to confront our best and worst selves. How do you want to spend the money?
The literary phenomenon

Women of Letters

9.15pm, Sat 2 Sept 2017

Pay homage to an art form sometimes forgotten in a world full of texts and tweets.
London-based journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge invites us into a frank discussion about the structures of racial politics and the ongoing oppression of people of colour.
Colonialism in India

Shashi Tharoor - Inglorious Empire

2pm, 3 Sep 2017

Plunder and loot: the real story of the British in India. In this bold reassessment of colonialism, Politician and commentator Shashi Tharoor exposes the sins of an empire.
Inside refugee camps

Kirstin Shirling - Compassion As Activism

1.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

The refugee crisis makes many people feel helpless –but Kirstin Shirling proves one person can make a difference. Join her as she speaks about her time in France's notorious refugee camp, The Jungle.
Inside North Korea

Yeonmi Park - The Darkest Place in the World

12pm, 3 Sep 2017

As a teenager, Yeonmi Park fled with her mother across the North Korean border. Now she resists the regime by sharing her remarkable story.
Exploring Putin's power

Arkady Ostrovsky – The Invention of Russia

11am, 3 Sep 2017

How did Putin become the dominant player he is today? Soviet-born Arkady Ostrovsky invites us to explore the making of modern Russia.
A basic universal income

Rutger Bregman - Utopia for Realists

3.30pm, 3 Sep 2017

From a universal income to a fifteen-hour workweek – it's time to turn to utopian thinking. Join Dutch journalist Rutger Bregman as he paints a compelling alternative to our current reality.
Join two elder statesmen of Australian Indigenous culture for a night of storytelling, music and healing.
Free welcome ceremony

Rite of Warami Wellamabami (Welcome)

10am, 3 Sep 2017

Rite of Warami Wellamabami (Welcome) will be a call back to the traditional custodians of Djubagale, where the Sydney Opera House now stands.
Inspirational artwork

Christian Thompson - Lake Dolly

28 Aug - 7 Sep

An auto-ethnographic exploration of identity, gender and race.
A Classic tale reimagined

Swan Lake / Loch na hEala

30 Aug 2017 - 02 Sep 2017

A genre-defying reimaging of the classic tale Swan Lake, direct from Sadlers Wells. Direct from its critically acclaimed season at Sadler’s Wells and sold out performances throughout Europe.
Spectacular free event


All Day, 3 Sep 2017

20,000 helium balloons. Nine hours. One woman. A unique, one-time-only meditative experience exclusive to Sydney.
Free dance on the streets

Blank Placard Dance, replay

3 Sep 2017

Channel the spirit of resistance and take to the streets – holding blank placards. What do you want to protest?
Join the conversation

Airbnb Belonging Lounge

02 Sep 2017 - 03 Sep 2017

Over the Antidote weekend, our Partner, Airbnb will be encouraging you to join the Marriage Equality conversation.
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